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The other is Russian.
Lenin: The Original Dictator?

When the Berlin wall was dismantled in 1989 and Stalinist regimes came crashing down, capitalism declared itself victorious. The collapse of Stalinism was used in a global ideological offensive against socialism, which was unjustly equated with that dictatorial, bureaucratic system, to drive through brutal, neo-liberal capitalist policies worldwide. Introducing a special anniversary edition of Socialism Today, PETER TAAFFE looks back at the incredible events of 1989 and their consequences. (from Socialism Today)

“Delegates of X Komsomol Congress” April 11-21, 1936. Delegates of the All-Union Lenin Communist Youth Union

Dr. Harry Vinters and Russian historian Lev Lurie reviewed Lenin’s records Friday for an annual University of Maryland School of Medicine conference that examines the deaths of famous figures. The 53-year-old Soviet leader suffered several strokes before dying in 1924 and what caused them isn’t clear.

Leon Trotsky with his bodyguards in 1919